These are major factors when your sought after human capital is looking for a place to hang their hat

Initial Public Offering have fallen off considerably since the early 90’s; but they are still an enormous opportunity for a progressive enterprise to capitalize income, and leverage its resources.

Initial Public Offering are generally associated with large stock offerings and an opportunity for founders and stockholders to gain liquidity and get superior valuations on their holdings.

Initial Public Offering (IPOs) are also a splendid opportunity to establish superior brand recognition and improve the ability of the firm to attract great human capital. This is due to the opportunity that comes with improved access to capital. Exponential growth means exponential opportunity to profit for an ambitious key employee. These are major factors when your sought after human capital is looking for a place to hang their hat.

Exponential growth is possible for public companies. They can issue shares for acquisitions and buy-outs, they can motivate top management and employees with stock options plans; and public companies are well perceived by clients, customers, suppliers, key partners and service providers.

Dealing with a public company is preferred by investors such as institutional investors and funds; and, perhaps even more importantly, customers!

IPOs pique the interest of investors due to their potential for exponential growth

The fact that the company is reporting to an authority carries legitimacy, and to competitors, they know to keep an eye on a public company, as they can raise large amounts of capital, penetrate fertile markets, and are poised for exponential growth through acquisition.

The Initial Public Offering process can be daunting and expensive if you get the wrong attorney the wrong accountants, or the wrong investment bankers. The quoted cost doubles or triples if not managed properly.

In addition, you might have an attorney that is an expert at getting offering documents through the SEC; but will it sell? In essence, your prospectus is as much a disclosure document as it is a marketing document.

It takes an entire team to do a successful IPO

Do you have the resources to manage and coordinate it? Experience counts! Getting the offering document through the SEC is only one small part of the equation. It is not successful until it sells out. Are you approaching the right broker dealers? What about blue sky law? Getting a syndicate of broker dealers together is great; but if they don’t do business in the states that you are going to put your offer into, they are not much good are they? Have you thought about your capital demands for the next two, three, or five years?

We can assist you in structuring your deal for the best offering price, in preparing a prospectus that will sell the public as well as satisfying the SEC, in negotiating with underwriters, and in having a strong aftermarket for your stock.

We have the solutions to these challenges, and we make it simple!

“You Are in Two Businesses”

First your core business, and second, selling securities to raise money. Unless you are experienced in getting a high valuation from underwriters for your stock, focus on what you do best — your core business — and let us assist you in raising money.

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