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Marketing Tools


“Direct Private Offers” is a crowdfunding portal for Funding Ambition. We are matchmakers between ambitious, innovative companies and intelligent, efficient capital.


DPO develops and manages websites for companies in various industries across the market, providing web hosting and webcast services. Our design features are flexible and high performance quality. We put your website on our host to integrate it in to a common Word Press data base in order to monitor the metrics. This allows us to focus our automated internet marketing program in a manner that converges with your goals. You can top up our affordable all inclusive automated internet marketing campaign with individual mailings focused on individuals or certain affinity groups as you wish. Our CRM is highly scalable and customizable, allowing us to push leads to you, to gain customer insights with a back-end analytical engine, view business opportunities with predictive analytics, streamline operations and personalize customer service based on the customer’s history and prior interactions dealing with business. Our software system is used in the same way to manage business contacts, clients, and sales leads. All you have to do is manage the lead, and make the sale!

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

We operate a high scale SEO engine that has a full apparatus of add on features. This allows us to efficiently circumvent traditional SEO strategies and tactics to cost effectively process and drive traffic to our websites, from the organic, editorial or natural listings on search engines. All major engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing will respond to our breadth of SEO strategies and tactics. This ensures that our website rankings are never compromised by the latest ranking strategy change by the search engine. By using a breadth of SEO strategies you will see business generated from the website on an on-going basis.


(SMM) Social Media Marketing

Successful social media marketing means capitalizing opportunities, demonstrating consequences to management, and effectively managing your limited time and resources. We work across your enterprise to construct social landing pages, posts, and ads that are integrated with the Google products that you are using. You’ll be inspired by experts, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other forms of social media marketing will allow the company to source and analyze the searches and demographics that are driven to the website and investor presentation slideshows. Besides having the opportunity to evaluate the data, tweaking the marketing mix and to fine-tune the content, the leads can be nurtured and the marketing strategy or tactics can be modified by studying the metrics. Moreover, you can make the most of your dollars and measure revenues generated from SMM; and the best part is: our strategists are with you every step of the way.

List Building – Massive Emails

DPO needs to be quite tactful driving prospective investors to the website. Email marketing can be largely automated and can be programmed into an “auto responder”. Anti-spam laws will not be infringed upon as the email recipients will have been acquired through list building; and from lists that have been built through “opt-in” options. It is pre-determined that anyone stored on any list we are using will be receptive. In the United States the data supplied will be contextual and topical, not direct. We can save you money by target marketing your list. The company’s business model depends on the constant maintenance and building of lists.


Direct Mail

Your company should be prepared to send out some materials. Although this is not a significant portion of the marketing plan we are proposing, a certain segment of the investor prospects will require it. DPO will monitor your mailing for compliance; but does not subsidize or propose to do mailings on your behalf. This is your cost and responsibility.

Press Releases

Besides emails and personal calling – press releases are a mainstay. Investment Dealers and Exempt Market Dealers will want to witness this channel appropriately utilized if they are to be interested in “carrying the issue”. Press releases get to the right audience and create backlinks to the website. Press releases generally have a very long shelf life. DPO will manage the small details as well as the general view.


Direct Phone Calls – US

The strategies that are deployed to drive investor prospects into the topical context that we are selling seem demanding and would call for a sophisticated caller. However, the automated voice surveys will have allowed the investor prospects to be segmented. Via conversation and the formation of standard scripts the caller will be well prepared to answer questions and lead the investor prospect further down the sales funnel. This approach is highly relationship orientated. Although this is “high touch” it will develop a loyal client that is likely to be interested in participating in your offers. The calls will be made from a predictive dialer, increasing the amount of contact exponentially.

Direct Phone Calls – Canada

The advantage of calling can be very good for building relationships. Up to 300 per day can be made with predictive dialers. An operator can become very efficient in a short period of time. The call program can be adjusted by our operators. Administration charges may be added if the company needs more operators – depending on the level of complexity required. In most cases, this will increase professionalism and efficiency of the operators. The predictive dialer does not incur long distance charges due to the VoIP calling provided method; but some service issues can be expected, and are out of the control of the company.


Inter-active Voice Response

If a certain segment of the market doesn’t like to participate in emails or looking up data on a website, they can be accommodated via inter-active voice response. They will be guided all the way by having the options of accessing various data. An auto-response call flow is an additional function of the program whereas during the call they will be guided to the appropriate extension for information; and will auto transfer the call to an “available live agent”, if the client so desires.

SMS and SMTP Texting

This is another form of marketing can be quite productive and resourceful; but needs to be utilized selectively, as a prospect could potentially be charged for receiving the message. It can be used for investor and shareholder bulletins aswell.


Automated Voice Survey

Prospects can be sourced via dialed surveys, this approach circumvents the spam laws and the company brand is not necessarily associated in the initial surveys. As the prospective investors are sourced and led into the sales funnel, information is disseminated in an orderly process. An option to “reach a live operator” can be introduced later in the process similar to the inbound IVR, the prospect can source an information chart. Data sourced from the surveys is rich and when added to the metrics the company resources and the marketing plan can be fine tuned to be more appealing to the investors and a higher closing rate will ensue.

Squeeze Pages

Numerous squeeze pages that link the prospects into an emailed slide-show presentation can be uploaded all over the internet; and by using different keywords and approaches the whole market can be blanketed. The demographics can be recorded and monitored, and through the perpetual study of metrics the effectiveness of the campaign is being constantly adjusted and improved.


Pamphlets, Flyers & Tear Sheets

DPO will need to produce printed information as some people might not find learning anything off the computer that productive. The computer puts some prospects in an information “overload” mindset before they even begin. By providing printed material, it can enable the material to have an extended shelf life. Logically, the prospect is liable to read it at their convenience, or pass it around at work, to friends and colleagues. Broker Dealers, Exempt Market Dealers, and Third Party Marketers will also need the “package” of printed material.

Exempt Market Dealers – Canada

U.S. and other Companies can put their private exempt security offering into the Canadian Retail market under the Canadian Offering Memorandum Exemption, provided it is done so with the cooperation of a Licensed Security Dealer. The Canadian Exempt Market is very sophisticated and well organized. DPO will ensure that you have the best opportunity to take advantage of this market, and do so in cooperation with our Corporate Advisory services.


Broker Dealers – United States

Funding portals are not allowed to participate in the process of arranging underwriting. Do you want your offering to be subject to recession, and have to pay back the money you raised? Since our Corporate Advisory service is a separate function of our services, your Corporate Advisor will be legally and ethically involved in your offering underwriting and/syndication. Moreover, you will benefit from over 30 years of experience in this type of transaction.

Broker Dealers – International

There are many opportunities to access the global pool of capital. DPO has a small organic list of International Broker Dealers that they work with. However small the list is, coupled with our Corporate Advisory services, it will prove effective.



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