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Regulation D 504 Private Placement Offering | Direct Private Offers

Regulation D 504


It is feasible to do Regulation D 504 offerings in a handful of U.S. States. This is largely due to extensive “Blue Sky’ State Law. Like Regulation A, Regulation D 504 can be tricky. Only a minority of States are receptive to Regulation 504 offerings.

When appropriately utilized: offers conducted under the Regulation D 504 Exemption can be very affordable and quick.

Shares sold under Regulation D 504 are technically ‘not restricted’ which makes the Exemption popular with Pink Sheet companies that trade on OTC Markets. Savvy businesses can use Regulation 504 to accommodate Private Equity / Public Equity transactions.

Technically Regulation D 504 shares do not need to be sold to just ‘accredited investors’; but in practice, selling the shares to investors that are not accredited preempts the ability to do “general advertising and solicitation in some States”.

Direct Private Offers will work with your company and the State Regulators to get your offer approved. Registration is simple… You can start your listing NOW! Start Your Listing Contact Us Today

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