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Rule 506(c) Private Offerings | Direct Private Offers

Regulation D 506 C

Regulation D 506 C


A “Notice of Offering of Securities Made Without Registration – Form D” must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Two – thirds of all capital raised in North America is raised under Registration Exemptions. In 2012 the SEC estimated that $173 Billion was raised via Regulation D Rule 506 offerings Companies relying on the Rule 506 (c) exemption can raise an unlimited amount of money; and Audited Financial Statements are not required.

Under Rule 506 (c), a company can “broadly solicit and generally advertise” the offering if:

  • The investors in the offering are all accredited investors; and
  • The company has taken reasonable steps to verify that its investors are accredited investors.

At Direct Private Offers you can be raising money in as little as two weeks; and we make it simple:

  • We will help you prepare your Offering Document.
  • We will register your Form D with the SEC & relevant State regulator.
  • Your offer will be viral and transmitted to numerous interested Accredited and Professional Investors throughout North America and the World.
  • Direct Private Offers uses numerous channels to broadcast its listings.
  • We fully utilize Multi Channel Media Marketing and Active Marketing to engage Investors.
  • We will verify that your Investors are indeed accredited.

It is a Federal Exemption and supersedes State “Blue Sky” law to a great degree. A fee must be paid to the State Security Regulator for conducting an offering in their State. The fee must be paid to the State two weeks before conducting the offering. Direct Private Offers will assist you as you interact with State and Federal authorities.

For more information about the SEC’s registration requirements and common exemptions for small businesses raising capital see: Small Business & the SEC.

Speed of implementation is key in financial matters. This premise makes offers under the Regulation D 506(c) Exemption, the Exemption of choice for the majority of businesses.

The Direct Private Offers Registration is simple… You can start raising capital on the Direct Private Offers funding portal “in less than two weeks”! Start Your Listing Contact Us Today

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